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Beethoven & Brahms - Complete Symphonies

  • Beethoven & Brahms - Complete Symphonies
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The symphonies by Beethoven and Brahms stand in the front line of European music’s cultural heritage. For this reason they are brought together for the first time in this combined CD edition. Also two of the greatest German conductors have left to posterity a documentation of their worldwide renown. Until the beginning of the Nazi dictatorship, Otto Klemperer (1885-1973) was, with Fürtwängler and Erich Kleiber, one of the triumvirate of Berlin’s musical life. Encouraged by Hans Pfitzner and Gustav Mahler he became at that time an important pathfinder for contemporary composers. Up to the end of World War II the USA offered him a new domicile.

Label Membran
Artiest(en) Beethoven, Brahms
Uitvoering Cd (album), 10 disks
Releasedatum 17 januari 2014
EAN 4053796001351

Artikelnummer: 4053796001351