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Teodor Currentzis - Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.6

  • Teodor Currentzis - Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.6
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Tchaikovsky is één van de drie favoriete componisten van de markante dirigent Teodor Currentzis. Het was voor hem dan ook vanzelfsprekend om werk van deze componist, en in het bijzonder zijn “Pathétitque”, op te nemen met zijn MusicAeterna.

“What I want to bring to this music is not the strong emotionality or the big sound or the excellent form. The thing that I want to bring is the ‘flower of the wound’, the perfection of 110 musicians gathering to have a ceremony for the wounds we endure, not to merely play a concert. It is completely different. Not taking it in objectively as a kind of performance of this music, but as something else. To talk about our wounds and our experiences. So this is very important.
I must say that it is actually a recording for broken-hearted people. It goes to the limits of expression. Sometimes I thought that it would break the instruments – I mean, to the extent that the instrument stops being an instrument, it becomes something else. The sound that comes from the bottom of the earth, and stops being a sound anymore, it becomes a huge tsunami of grief, to a real extreme. That there is no more extreme than this extreme, only silence.” Teodor Currentzis

Artikelnummer: 0889854043520-AK18